Company - Seidel Groß- und Einzelhandel


A company with 4 strong areas:


- Seidel trailer production & sale

- WC-Express mobile special solutions

- Seidel heating, plumbing wholesale

- Mammutec KG building drying 


The Company


Our current range of services includes the sale and production of mobile special solutions such as sanitary trailers, caravans, construction and office trailers, shower and toilet trailers and much more. As well as the rental of the mobile special solution via our WC-Express department. With over 150 mobile solutions on trailer chassis, we are one of the largest providers in this area and already across Europe.

Thanks to our speed and good stock of mobile special solutions, we are well known in this area and offer some advantages over container providers.


Another service we do is wholesale and retail for heating & plumbing products. We are a master company and can also advise you very well here.



Administration & central warehouse at Brölstrasse 402, Waldbröl

External warehouse at Brölstrasse 40, Waldbröl